Welcome to Always A Child Team!

We promise to provide your exceptional child with a QUALITY and INDIVIDUALIZED program to optimize their FULL potential! The learning team will be “custom” designed depending on the needs of your child. The learning team members may include some or all of the following:

Occupational Therapist

The O.T. can address child development concerns in the areas of fine motor development, readiness skills and self-care independence. This encompasses the use of arms and hands for support and manipulation; developing and using perceptual skills in play and increasing personal care and independence with the assistance of specialized equipment if necessary.

Speech/Language Pathologist

The SLP addresses any concerns with communication skills, which may affect a child’s social skills, relationships and/or learning. Some children may have special needs in the areas of articulation, language, fluency, voice, hearing impairment, and/or augmentative communication systems. 


You are your child’s first teacher and our most important team members.

Physical Therapist

The P.T. will assess and provide ideas for treatment for children who have some difficulties with movement, posture and gross motor development, such as rolling, crawling, walking, jumping etc. Where specialized equipment will aid the child to participate in programs or to be more independent, the P.T. is actively involved in choosing, fitting and monitoring the use of this equipment.

Psychologist/Behavior Specialist

The psychologist can ensure that programming is adapted to meet the child’s cognitive, social, and emotional needs. On the basis of informal and formal assessments, the psychologist can consult to teachers and other team members, provide treatment to individual children, and provide support and consultation to families on parenting skills and handling special problems with their child’s behavior.

Child Development Specialist

The CDS provides daily child support in the child’s centre-based program to facilitate your child’s success in that environment and to implement the goals and strategies on the IPP that have been developed by the learning team.

Alberta Certificated Teacher/Coordinator

Teachers/coordinators have a number of important roles they bring to the learning team, including: Involving parents and, when appropriate, children and other professionals in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of children’s’ IPPs Documenting child progress and providing feedback to parents and, when appropriate, children throughout the centre based programming Updating the IPP, as required Providing Child Development Specialists (CDS) with directions regarding roles and responsibilities for implementing programming. 

A little about us

Always a Child Team Ltd. (AACT) is a private Early Childhood Services (ECS) operator with Alberta Education. Always a Child Team Ltd. is a Non-Profit Corporation located in the city of Calgary, Alberta. We proudly provide our services in the home, community and preschool settings, depending upon the individual needs of the child and the family. Our learning team is comprised of innovative, compassionate, enthusiastic, solution-focused, and skilled professionals. We have extensive experience training and supervising, mentoring, and implementing programs developed to meet the individual needs of your child. You will receive a contact page at your first IPP meeting that will outline our child’s learning team and contact information.

Who are we?


Hello!  My name is Miss Shannon and I am the Executive Director of Always a Child team Ltd. I have a degree in Special Education from the University of Alberta and I have worked with small children for over 25 years. Early Intervention is my ‘thing’. One of the joys of my job is that I work with an incredible team of ladies who continue to teach and inspire me to do better. I am a busy mom, and have been married to my husband Keith for 23 years. We have two teenage children, Duncan and Claire. I have a rescue dog named Cooper, 3 cats, (Rusty, Coal and Henry) and a 20 year old box turtle named Tabby. For fun I like to hang out with friends, go for walks, hike with my dog and immerse myself in a good book. I am also the team cookie monster and I don’t share! I’m happiest with my family and friends and being at school with my ‘kids’.


Hi I’m Miss Kaite. I’ve been part of the team for two years. I’m married to my high school sweetheart Steve, and we have two sons, Jack and Alex. I love being the only girl in the house! We share our home with two overweight house cats named George and Lucy. I love traveling, especially road trips to the ocean. Animals, sunshine, movie popcorn and a good book are some of my favorite things.


Hello! My name is Miss Claire. I’ve been married to my husband Christopher for 22 years.  I’m the mother of two sons (and chief caretaker of one small dog, Gizmo). I love colour, pattern and well-placed light.   I love really soft yarn in bright colours.   I love being immersed in creating something new. In preschool, Sparkles really do go with any craft…I delight in learning from the children I am privileged to work with. Everyday is an adventure that I am willing to take on!


Hi there! My name is Miss Meaghan and I have been a part of this great team for a year now. Although you will see me in the classrooms from time-to-time I do most of my work over at the office. I am a University of Calgary Business student and a National Lacrosse League Cheerleader for the Calgary Roughnecks! I have a dog named Timbit who is my best friend in the whole world and spends his time at the office with me sometimes.


My name is Timbit, but you can call me Tim. I don’t like the mailman but I do like cheese and going on my lunch break so that I can pee. I’ve been employee of the month already which is impressive because I am a dog. I like to sit at the front desk in the office and if you ever come to visit me please bring me treats.
If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message!